rane air repairs

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.22 airgun reviews

.22 browning gold.  shoots hard.  barrel latch - keeps barrel securely in the same place every time which insures accuracy.  really nice stock.
.  this is the new version webley tomahawk.  thestocks on the first generation were nicer and the bluing was darker.   piston seal was damaged as they installed it and it had metal shavings and burrs all in it.  i used a good piston seal from the first turkish tomahawks and after a good lube-tune, it gets 770 fps with 15.5 grain napier wad cutters.  it gets same velocity with crosman premiers in the webley tin (accupells).  this is a cheaper way to get the larger head size of the boxed premiers.  they are all very snug-fitting and all the same size.  many times, the crosman premier hollowpoints and discovery pellets found at walmart or academy are multiple sizes - some fit so loosely that they fall out when putting break barrels back into firing position.  makes them inconsistent out of many break barrels.  i used heavy lube and spaced up spring about one sixteenth of an inch under spring guide.  airgun depot has these for about $200, which is a good deal but you'll need to lube tune it and likely replace piston seal.  or you can send your quattro tomahawk to me and i'll do it.    8.2014.