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.....    finally.     the new crosman benjamin nitro piston 2 is available.   ......  this same data is posted on the airgun one web forum for all airgunners to view and digest.....    i have been looking all over the internet, but i cannot find any solid conclusions based on the few reviews i found. i was about to give up. i went to into a local ft.worth academy sports and outdoors to get a t-shirt tonight. i came out with this black one for $209. it really feels great in my hands. it is light and well balanced. test fired it into a 2x4 and it is quiet. not sure about trigger, but safety is ugly sheet metal. i want to put this one across the chronograph tomorrow, and then on paper (targets) this week. i will also post video review on you tube. i hope that it gets 800+ fps with 14.3 grain premiers, which is 20ftlbs - perfect hunting power for mid-weight break barrels. i hope that it is accurate - nickle to quarter-size groups at 45 yards. it will have to pass these two tests to keep up with all of the hype. ....but if it does, it will provide my hunting this season. i have only had 2 or 3 other break barrels in the 7 lb range to yield 19+ ftlbs. ..... 1) .22 rws model 94 (early cometa 400) produced 780 fps with 15.5 grain napier domes - very easy to cock and carry in the field. very accurate. great trigger. ...... 2) .22 uk tomahawk. 770 fps with crosman premier. best trigger in the industry (imo). very accurate. it was loud, though, and too expensive and rare to really hunt with. ... i hope this american-made break barrel passes the tests. { it is long over-due that american break barrels make the cut . the only true american break barrel i know of before this was the benjamin legacy . } otherwise, i'll have to save enough for a new .22 disco kit, tko device, and scope. . ...... i hope this np2 is a keeper ....
. wow . it passed. now i am really in a pickle. i'm attached to something i cannot afford. i got up early (that's rare). i felt like a kid around christmas. i would have chonographed her last night, but the f-1 type gets better readings in day light (best on overcast in midday). ...couldn't wait for coffee to brew....even choro'ed her in my boxers. here's what i got : 1) average 792 fps with webley accupells, which are sorted premiers. they are sorted that they have the larger diameter so that they are very snug - you'll never have the webley premiers fall out or fit loosely. the uk webleys use slightly larger bores, so maybe that is why these are the larger die or version. it is still erraddic , but only 15 shots on it. 788 fps was low. 797 was high. i thought 792 fps would be a conservative estimate. 19.92 ftlbs. good enogh - this dog may hunt. 2) napier wadcutters are 15.46 grains, but they are lubed. it's not oil, more like very fine wax to the touch. the domes are usually awesome from guns just like this (i always thought of them as heavy premiers in .22). 797 fps low. 807 fps high. 802 avg. 22 footpounds even. . . chronograph test passed. .
made in america.  looks like we finally have a respectable break barrel to share with the world.  ordered a $12 trigger tune kit off ebay that is supposed to lighten trigger.
.  winchester 4x32ao .  these are $30 around here and very rugged.  i have them hold on most magnum springers, so i first had it on the np2.  found out later that 3-9x32 centerpoint that comes with this gun works fine.
8.26.2014.     altitude here around 750 ft above sea-level. this gun has about 20 shots on it total.    standard deviation has been about 11 fps.  every thing looks good so far.  i will try to shoot targets tomorrow, but i am limited to 20 yards.
. i cleaned barrel and kind of recrowned the end of barrel.  the napier wad cutters are also 15.5 grains.  napier makes great pellets for springers - if you can find them.  still getting around 800 fps in .22 with premiers and napiers.  8.27.2014
.  .22 benjamin trail np2 trigger tune packet worked well.  now i have a 2 lb pull trigger.  gun still chronographing 795 fps with premiers.  got from ebay for $12 shipped and it's a good product.